Wednesday, 14 April 2021


We have been reflecting on 2020's favorite wood flooring options and thinking about which trends will continue through 2021. With many of us spending more time at home lately, the attention for many has turned into creating the perfect home environment: a location that is comforting and uplifting. So, what exactly do we predict to be the on-trend wood flooring options for making beautiful living spaces this year?


We have seen a rise in requests for wider planks over the past year. Wide planks can help create a sense of openness and space. They are less active since there are less joints; as a consequence, the eye is drawn across the width and length of this space which makes a space feel bigger.

Broad planks are also a excellent way to showcase the unique grain patterns and character features of the timber. Alternately, broad prime grade boards, that have significantly less knots, produce a fresh contemporary aesthetic --this could be highlighted further by choosing square edged boards.


We hope to see a continuing demand for reclaimed wood in 2021. At Chaunceys, we take pride in running an environmentally ethical firm, so we are pleased to see that reclaimed timber has become such a popular choice.

Sustainability is as important as thankfully, customers are more often turning to responsibly sourced materials. Re-using existing timber reduces virgin wood harvesting and contains a little carbon footprint -- a fantastic benefit for our eco-conscious clients. Extending the service life of the timber in this manner allows you to get solid hard-wearing timber with minimal ecological effect.

Reclaimed wood isn't just ecologically sound, but in addition, it comes with an embedded background and distinctive visual effect. We believe it'll continue to include timeless rustic charm to many jobs this season.


Whitewashes and light grey tones work perfectly as a base for a calming Scandi-inspired aesthetic. We're predicting that these cooler hues will remain a popular choice this year, with all the focus on fresh, clean, neutral insides. There has been growing interest in altering rooms to inspiring, healthy spaces; bright house gyms and uplifting kitchen-diners are very much in fashion.

Have a look at our Alabaster collection for lighter-toned wood flooring finishes.


Rich, deep-toned hardwood floors is another much-admired option which we think will continue to add a feeling of Baroque-era indulgence to numerous 2021 projects. Our Luxe collection supplies a range of beautiful endings to turn any home into a refuge of opulence and sophistication.


We hope to see the requirement for true-to-nature endings to last this season, with options like our Invisible Lacquer and Matt Oil staying as popular as ever. Clear finishes with reduced sheen degrees enable the natural warm tones and one of a kind nature of this Oak to steal the show; these basic finishes are really versatile and give themselves to an inviting organic aesthetic.

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